Secured Loans

A secured loan or second charge as they are commonly called can be a vital tool when looking at various finance options such as including home improvements, business purposes and consolidation of debts.

When should a secured loan be considered?

  • A customer is on a good rate and does not want to remortgage from their existing mortgage company
  • The redemption penalties are too high on the existing mortgage
  • The existing lender is not offering further advances, or may not even be lending
  • Funds are required quickly, sometimes within days
  • Customers need money to fund home improvements or for consolidation
  • Unable to remortgage due to low credit score, being self-employed or suffering from previous poor payment history

We offer products that cover the following

  • Loans on buy to let properties
  • Loans on residential and commercial property
  • All credit profiles considered
  • Loans for genuine business purposes
  • Any property type considered
  • Interest only options available

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